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The Ascended Season Of Lent

For the past 10 years I have practiced the Mysteries of the Season of Lent…The Rite of the Vernal Equinox is a time in which the energies are propelling us toward initiating a new order in our lives…The energies ares strengthening and developing in the physical…initiating change and the beginning of the balancing of the masculine and feminine within in keeping with my purpose for I of Isis…the balancing of the Masculine and Feminine Energies will bring balance to our planet shall we begin?

The Traditional  Start of the Lenten Season….

Today is Clean Monday  the first day of Great Lent, as Eastern Catholics and Eastern Orthodox refer to the Lenten season. For Eastern Catholics, it falls two days before the Western  (February 17, 2010)  (For Eastern Orthodox, the date is usually different, since the Orthodox figure the date of Easter using the Julian calendar.

The Ascended Version…

We can observe today as a day of cleaning the closets of our minds and making a list of the habits we would like to release during this season of Lent…just make the list today review it gently focus on the energy of the habit within your body…

Check tomorrow to see what comes next….

Walk in Beauty…Peace


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Dearest Ones…


Every other Monday there is a call is scheduled to help benefit those persons closest to you who are suffering from cancer or who are friends or relatives of someone close to them who has been diagnosed with cancer.  This call is intended to give them hope of recovery and to encourage them to take back, with full responsibility, the healing of themselves.

There will be dramatic and inspirational tales of recovery from cancer from those who have gone through it.  Every week there are new stories that even I had not heard before.  All of them remarkable from ordinary people doing extraordinary things.   This is a purely informational call.  We have many recently diagnosed persons whom, for the first time  may be hearing this amazing information on THIS call.  And since the call is fully participatory (please mute yourself as a courtesy to others) they can get to ask questions!

If you have any questions about this call, please call or email.  You do not want to miss it!!

All times listed are Pacific Standard Time.  We usually go about an hour and  a half from start.  Hope to see you on the call!!


Ben:  You asked me to tell you more  about this call and how it could affect cancer.  Just to show you how quickly ionized water re-balances acidosis, I have included some more scientific discussions.  I can simplify them for you, if you’d like, in a conversation.  And there’s lots and lots of other stuff- this is just an intro.

As you may be aware, our whole basis of suggested cancer treatment revolves around the Nobel-prize winning work of Dr. Otto Warburg in Germany in the ’20’s and 30’s:  cancer grows only in acidic tissue; as soon as the tissue is restored (to ANY degree) to alkalinity, the way we were when we were born, the cancers stops growing and eventually leaves the body.  As simple as that.  That idea is being picked up more and more-thank God,- even in the medical profession that had largely been ignoring it since 1929.  Do you know that Dr. Hiromi Shinya (Beth Israel Hospital in New York) endorses Kangen water (not just ionized water, but Kangen by name) in his book and website  And he is frequently rated as one of the top 10 medical practitioners in the world.  He calls it simply “good water” and in the glossary defines it as Kangen water which is the trademark of our machines only.  He has our machine right in his office where he pumps out gallons and gallons of water for every cancer and other patient that he sees.  So does your own Dr. Bernardo- if you visit him in Chula Vista, he has his machine right there and pours you lots of 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5pH water.  I am teaching him how to actually accelerate that process with cancer patients by including in the regime 11.5pH which is 100 times stronger than 9.5pH and is used routinely by our group now in radical cases where the cancers have metastasized.   You cannot believe how fast that  works to re-alkalinize the body!  Wow!

Of course Shinya has lots of other things he does for good health and to avoid even getting cancer as well, particularly dietary.  Most of them are parallel to what Dr. Bernardo does.  But they all go toward the same thing: clean (detox), hydrate and alkalinize the body as fast and as effectively as possible to restore your good health.  Both Shinya and Bernardo have story after story of “miracle” healings, and emphatically those of persons written off as “incurable” by Western medicine, typical Stage IV’s.  Like your eight year old.  Unbelievable: sent home to die by the doctors.  And by your efforts to immediately and thoroughly readjust her tissue environment, her body healed itself beyond the experience of the entire “cancer medical establishment” where you had spent so much money and time.
This is NOT a miracle- it is pure bio-science and we need to get this word out fast and without rancor or stridency!!!  You are not alone in helping your children, your fathers and mothers, your friends and you neighbors.  We need to help each other.  We need to get certain entrenched sectors of Western medicine back on our side, not against us.  Is is not OK that one out of two males will have cancer in their lifetime in the US and one out of three females.  We do not accept this as our sentence for living in modern times.  We need to get smart fast!

I am so delighted that you coming on to the call on Monday to tell Josie’s story of hope and triumph.  Everyone in America needs to hear this eventually and I will work hard over the next year to help that happen.  By the way, you REALLY ought to write a book.  Yes, a BOOK.  That’s how you will ultimately get heard on shows like Oprah and Dr. Oz.  That’s how you get to America!!!  You would be doing a disservice to parents around the world if you do not.  You have all the documentation you need to make the case.  And it’s not just about defeating cancer- it’s about changing the odds that your family will even GET cancer if they learn how to change their eating habits and avoid the toxins offered to us, and oftentimes pushed upon us by clever marketing, on a non-stop basis.

On the Monday February 15, 2010 at 5:00PM PT.
please  email or call for the access number…..

323 377-0670

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Cleansing Your Aura & Home


This takes two people…

Take a medium size glass or ceramic bowl fill with water add about a teaspoon of sea salt mix with your hand..bless the mixture with whatever prayer you prefer (I use the Our Father or Hail Mary….. Catholic School what can I say….) Next (if you have wood floors you may want to put down a towel or some type of  floor protection ) then  participant #1 stands with their arms by thier side head level while the  participant#2 sprinkles them lightly with the water from head to toe…then starting at from #1″s feet brush up the aura as you walk around them…do this until you get the feeling to stop…The final step is to pull the Aura tight around them to do this participant #2 forms a circle with their arms…keeping fingertips touching encircle them with your arms starting with the head when you reach their feet do not break your contact  make a circle on the floor to seal the Aura….it is done…now #2’s turn…Laugher is allowed it helps to raise the vibration…for some reason we always end up laughing…..Enjoy!

Note: Waning moon is that period of time between the Full and New Moon. This cleansing may be performed on the Waning Moon or on the Full Moon.

1. Dried white sage (in bulk or bundled together as an herbal wand) or dried sweetgrass.
2. 1 piece of hematite, a silvery-black stone
3. 1 white candle

Any time of the day or night when the moon is waning, light dried white sage or sweetgrass. Beginning with yourself, take up the hematite in one hand and with your other hand, wave the smoke first around your head area. Next wave the smoke down your entire body, along your extended arms, down each leg and underneath each foot. It is thought that the smoke clears the body’s energetic aura of impurities, “trapping” them in the fumigation and taking the negative energies heavenward to be released or recycled.

Next, smudge your home. Start in the room you consider to be the hub; for many this is the kitchen. For some, the hub of the home is their office or living room. Carrying the smoldering herb in one hand and the piece of hematite in the other, walk clockwise around each room. Wave the smoldering sage or sweetgrass smoke throughout, including the corners and closets. Custom dictates that one leave a door or window open while performing this type of cleansing, so that the negative energy has somewhere to go, a way to get out.

When you are finished smudging, light a white candle to affirm the release and clearing of negative energy from yourself and your home. Visualize purifying white light permeating your home and sealing it as cleansed. Carry the hematite with you; it is magnetic in nature and will continue absorbing negative energy around and on, the person in possession of it.
Note: Waxing moon is that period of time between the New and Full Moon. This positive energy blessing may be performed on the Waxing Moon or on the New Moon.

1. Peels from 1 orange, a handful of rose petals and a tablespoon of dried cloves or star anise
2. 1 quartz crystal point or polished quartz crystal
3. 1 white or purple candle

Any time of the day or night when the moon is waxing, fill a small saucepan with water and bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat to the lowest setting. Add all botanical ingredients, including the orange peels, rose petals and cloves or star anise. Give the mixture a stir with a wooden spoon. As the scented steam rises, see your home being filled and blessed with positive energy. According to holistic aromatherapy, orange peels facilitate blessings and harmony; rose petals encourage unconditional love, loving communication and expression; cloves and star anise protect against harm. If you like, you can gather “handfuls” of the aromatic steam and “wash” it over your face, inhaling the scent and thus allowing the energies to affect your consciousness. As water evaporates, add more cool water to the pot. With the addition of more water, the potency of the aroma may subside. You may add more botanicals – just be sure to include all the ingredients.

Light a white or purple candle to align with high, Divine energies. This further adds to the potency of your intention. Set the quartz crystal, which is a natural conductor of electricity and a powerful magnifier, near to the simmering pot and lit candle. In this way, you are boosting the energetic power of your aromatherapy and positive energy candle. After a while, you may carry the crystal with you as a way of boosting and magnifying your own positive energy.


Experienced crystal connoisseurs know that while quartz does not retain outside energy nearly at the rate or volume hematite does, both stones must be cleansed and recharged regularly. A good timetable is to cleanse and charge stones monthly, depending on the frequency of their use. You may smudge the quartz crystal and hematite, removing negative energies from them in this way. Another effective method is to hold the stones under cold running water. To charge (restore) hematite, place it on a window sill in the sun or out in the grass or on your front step, in the sun. You will notice the hematite will get very hot; this is part of the charging process. To charge quartz crystal, it may also be placed in sunlight to magnify and restore its’ energy. Alternately, you may bury quartz crystal in the earth, leaving it deep in clean soil for no less than one week, or as much as one month. When you are ready, dig up the quartz and gently wash it off.

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