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Crystal Gateway Activation Meditation

With all Honor to Great Spirit and the blessings of  Grandmother Full Moon…I am offering

MeKaBa  Meditation Classes

…Activation of the Crystalline Structures of the Pineal Gland….The Gateway to the Crystal Palace Within …In response to the instructions I receive  from Gaia about the changes of Mother Earth into the New Mother Earth – her process of ascending…. the

“Journey of  Remembrance Gateway “

is the opening of the gateway to the

Multi-Dimentional  Remembrance…..  reclaiming our TrueSelves

Please Join Us..

Yours in Light, Love, and Laughter…..Stephanie Golden-Falcon…….Walk in Beauty..Peace

The full course consists of 3 series, each containing 4 classes  – for a total of 12 classes.

The course teaches the  Initiation meditations using a crystal MerKaBa and other teachers from the Crystal Realm to access the gateway to our TrueSelves…. activating our Crystalline  DNA and Aligning with the New Earth Energies….

Series 1

MerKaBa Gateway

Wednesdays – May 19, 2010 – June 9, 2010


Abundance Exchange $122.00

(cash check or money order)

at the door

Mail to:

Stephanie Golden-Falcon

P. O. Box 480693

Los Angeles, CA 90048

*if paying with Paypal Abundance Exchange $133.00

*includes  MerKaBa Crystal w/handcrafted pouch

MerKa Ba Crystal

May 19 -MerKaBa Astral Transport
May 26 – Gateway Visualization

June 2 – The Multi- Dimensional Shift-Pineal Gland Activation

June 9 – Integration of  Pineal Activation

July -No Classes

August schedule to be announced… The Crystalline Connection…

Wear comfortable clothing and Bring a Yoga Mat, pillow, and light blanket



5953 Laurel Canyon Blvd.

Suite C

Valley Village, CA 91607

Register today!

Call or email

323 377-0670

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Gaia has a request……

March 13, 2010 400am….Oh… 4:04am ….my husband getting back in bed?…. and I think  it’s 4:00am we have to get up… I have the flu and my fever is at an all time high….I hear the water in the shower going and realize oh..he is in the shower…oh it’s an earthquake being a long time relocated Californian I wait to see just how long it will  roll….  to see if I have to wake up my kid, yell to my hubby and get to safety….no…but that was a good one…..

As the rolling stopped I heard Gaia speaking to me …her gentle voice spreads though my thoughts like a warm inviting pool of water…”please assist me…there is much change happening and you all can participate in the change of this beloved planet…..  as the Spirit of Earth I am in trusted with the workings and as the stewards of this planet your intent can have a very powerful effect on the changes occurring….Ask others to join you in the work you have been doing in meditation to assist Earth in this “Walk of Beauty”…..”

I found it interesting that she used this particular term since my favorite quote is “Walk in Beauty” and (I use it as my tag)…..I said “yes” of course…not until today did I get the go ahead to actually put fingers to keyboard and send this….but as with all  perfect timing of Spirit…today is Earth Day!

I will be posting  10min  visual meditations here at I of Isis…. on and on…  Gaia has chosen pictures from my personal collection of the “My Pictures” file…. I didn’t realize that these pictures were so nice(smile) they all have of a certain vibration to hold the intent of focus for that particular area that requires our assistance…so here we go…. …. join us as we reclaim the honor of being stewards of New Earth…..

Thank you …..Enjoy!

Stephanie Golden-Falcon

Walk in Beauty…Peace…

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