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Enter the Divine Feminine….

Over the last couple of months I have noticed how many people including myself have had some sort of trouble with their right leg …some more serious than others…This morning as I was talking to David (Tangredi  my spirit brother ) on our weekly skype call he was telling me of how a friend of his hurt his leg and would be unable to pack this weekend…I said how for almost 3 weeks I have been dealing with my right leg swelling especially at the knee…David said he was having issues also… as we had this discussion I realized the symbolic meaning of legs and the right  and left sides of our bodies… our legs carry us on our journey through life… the right side is the masculine and the left is our feminine side each of us contain these aspects within…(our weekly talks always  open us for Spirit  to teach us lessons which have advanced our understanding of how enlightenment can happen with a intent-ional conversation)…anyway…our right side is our masculine side and as the Divine Feminine energy is increasing..the lower level masculine energy that has been out of balance…. fighting to hold on to the establishment power that has been prevalent on the planet for some time… creating more the aches and pain within our physical bodies…we can actually ease our pain by releasing our resistance to the inevitable change of our selves and our planet…  as the Omiverse has now begun to correct this imbalance… recalibrating the masculine energy into the Divine Masculine…  the returning Divine Feminine energy restoring the balance needed in our  Spiritual Evolution….ASCENSION !…so just know that it is growing pains… :-)…Oh by the way…Happy Equinox!

Rise of the Radiant Goddess by Teka Luttrell

Rise of the Radiant Goddess by Teka Luttrell

*Here is a quick meditation for releasing that blocked energy…close your eyes….visualize the heavens pouring crystalline light through your top chakra…. when you reach an energy  block in your body…. breath in and out with long slow deep breaths connecting each breath to the other continue through you body when you reach your feet keep going into Mother Earth to the center of the earth find the Mer Ka BA in the center of the earth connect to it release the  energy in to the turning Mer Ka Ba then bring the renewed energy back up through your body and out of your top charka to spill out and over your arua …do this for at least15 min….I find to be very  helpful and centering….

Walk in Beauty…Peace…


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